Tatjana Werik


2018            Master Class Acting by Susan Batson, Berlin

2018            Bern University of the Arts: Documentry Film, CAS

2015-2016    Improvisation Training by Theater of Improvisation Bern

2011 - 2017  Bern School of Design: Filmmaking & Audiovisual Design

2013 - 2015  Bern University of the Arts: Scenic Arts Practice, MAS

2013.            Character Development based on the M. Chekhov-System by Urme Neumann, Köln

2012             Master Class Film Acting by Cornelia Gruenberg, Berlin

2011              Character Development for Film Script by Barbara Oslejsek, Bern

2009 - 2010   Camera Acting by Ursula Maria Schmitz, Zürich

1993 - 1997   Dnepropetrovsk Theatre and Art College: Acting  

I was born in the Ukraine. My mother tongues are Russian and Ukrainian. I speak fluent German and my English is getting better and better! And I also speak Swiss German in my very charming way, because that's the language that I love and I color it with my Slavic accent. I love dancing, singing and creating stories. For me, acting is mostly about feeling and showing what I feel. Although life is about the same 














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